Straight Talk Wireless info

Straight Talk was founded over 10 years ago on the premise that a company could turn a profit all the while providing excellent service to its customers and a viable low cost alternative to the more expensive cell phone companies.

Refill your time

Taking the time to refill your account has always been a pain point for pre-paid cellular phone services. It’s usually the one area that people dislike the most, considering that the companies usually don’t tell you when your time will be used. For example, some companies like Tracfone require you to use your time the minute you enter it into the phone. This is ok if you use your cell phone a lot, but if you only use it here and there, and like to keep it as a backup phone, then it can get really annoying really fast.

Ease of compatibility

The sheer number of phones that you can bring to the table is amazing. Being that Straight Talk works with all of the service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, Tmobile and Sprint, you are allowed to “BYO” (Bring your own) phones to the table. So you are not limited to one or two phones per carrier. A great tip is to head on over to eBay and look for used phones. These are some of the best deals you will find anywhere online.

No Contracts

Of course, this is the best reason to sign up. You are not beholden to any contracts. You can come and go as you please. But being that the MVNO carrier uses the same exact cell phone networks as the “big 3”, there really is no reason to leave due to “poor cell phone reception”. If you get poor reception with Straight Talk, and you cancel and move to Verizon, there is a 100% chance you’re going to get poor reception with them as well. There are certain spots in America (more rural cities) that cell phone reception is not good. Outside of moving to a new city, your options are really limited.

Straight Talk Coupons

You are allowed to use multiple money saving discounts when working with Straight Talk. This is the number one reason why people switch their cell phone providers. There are multiple blogs out there that tell you how to use these codes to your advantage, and you can even “stack” some of them to take advantage of the free shipping, and 35% off deals they are currently running.

As you can see, the reasons for switching to Straight Talk are numerous and advantageous. Why people still stay with the “big 3” cell phone carries is beyond this author’s comprehension. The only reason I can think of is that people are still locked into their antiquated 5 year contracts and the big cell phone companies are making billions of dollars in profit every year off of.