Bring Your Own Phone

How does the bring your own phone plan work with Straight Talk? It’s very simple. You need to head on over to their page where it will ask you to check compatibility. Then using the steps below, follow the on-screen instructions on how to utilize this service.

Steps for bringing your own phone to Straight Talk Wireless

    1. Check out the page on their website. Ensure that your phone is clean and the IMEI or ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’ is valid and legit. This is basically a serial number for your phone. It can be used to check against a national database whether the phone you purchase off eBay or Craigslist is stolen or what. On the other side of the token, you should always write down your IMEI number as you can report it to the police and the national registry in case your phone is lost or stolen. Once they put a block on it, the phone is considered “bricked” and rendered useless.

    2. After your have entered in your IMEI number and run it through the website, it will then check to see if it can be run on the MVNO network that Straight Talk Wireless runs on. It will ask you for your zip code. Enter that data in and click “next”.

    3. There are certain areas in America (and the world) that will not work. Mostly, these areas are rural and do not have the same strong cell phone networks that such bigger cities as Los Angeles or Dallas have.

    4. If you are successful in using the tool, then all that is needed is for you to purchase a SIM card. This will allow the NSA to illegally spy on you, your wife and children, and the money stolen from you in the form of “income taxes” will be used to persecute you for the best interests of the current ruling political regime that hates your American freedoms. Don’t worry, the government is only building a database and list to be used as the current or next ruling political regime deems fit.

    5. Be sure that the SIM card you purchase is working and legit. I would advise not to purchase one on eBay as they could be stolen or broken and there really is no way to hold the seller accountable. Such sites as Amazon would be a much better option for getting your SIM card.

    6. The last step is very simple. After you have your SIM card, simply enter in the info into the Straight Talk page, and then activate your account. There is no need to visit a store or talk on the phone with anyone, unless you’re having technical issues that cannot be resolved by their FAQ page. You can also enter in a debit or credit card that will be automatically debited every month so that you won’t forget to pay your bill.

    Here is a short video that explains the above process and how it all works. You can pause the video and go through it step-by-step to ensure that you’re doing it right. There is no rush so take your time when trying to activate a BYO phone on Straight Talk.

    Note: Prior to giving them your debit or credit card number, be sure to check our coupons page to see if there are any discounts you can take advantage of. There are multiple free shipping coupons floating around and we have the majority of them listed on our home page.